Database-driven email marketing

Connect your database and target your audience directly using SQL. Send high-quality marketing emails at a fraction of the usual cost, using Amazon SES.

Getting Started


Link to Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a highly reliable, scalable, and affordable way to send emails. The one downside is that it's a very basic API — takes care of campaign management, templates, media, and much more.

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Connect your data

Link your database to your account and write SQL queries to target your audience. No need to import users, connect with an API, or worry about stale data.

You can also upload a CSV file if you don't have a database or are not ready to connect one yet.

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demodb|[email protected]:5432
CSV file
57 MB|183,000 rows

Build email template

Leverage our drag-and-drop email template builder to build beautiful emails in minutes. No HTML or CSS knowledge required.


Review & send

Once you've selected your audience and email template, you're ready to send your campaign. Quickly review the details and click Send!

A change of plans

FROMTony Montana <[email protected]>
Hi Manny, Just wanted to let you know that we'll be using to start sending marketing emails from now on. Hope all is well! Best, Tony Montana

Get me all users who joined in the last month and have also sent at least one email.

English SQL

Don't want to write SQL? No problem. You can write your query in plain English and we'll convert it to SQL for you. We use your database's schema to come up with the best possible query.

We use OpenAI's API for this feature. Your schema will not be shared with OpenAI unless you use this feature.


Emails are hard enough. That's why we've kept the pricing simple. Use the slider to estimate your costs. We'll charge you at the end of each month for the emails you've sent.

mo250,000 emails
$0.05 / 1,000 emails after that
Note: Amazon SES charges $0.10 per 1,000 emails.

Free plan2,500 emails per monthNo credit card required

Data Management

Image representation for Import CSV

Import CSV's killer feature is being able to query for your audience using SQL, but you can always upload a CSV, too. We'll take care of the rest.

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Target by SQL

Connect directly to your database and target your audience using plain English or SQL. No more having to stay on top of syncing audience data.

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Manage Media

Manage all your email template images in one place. We will automatically optimize and cache them for you, too.


Payment Processing

We use Stripe to process payments. None of your payment information is stored in our database.

Stripe is the leading payment processor for online businesses. They are trusted by companies such as Lyft, Google, and Slack.

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Database and AWS Credentials

To keep your credentials secure, we don't store any of your sensitive data in our database. Rather, we use AWS SSM Parameter Store, an industry standard for storing secrets.

All of your credentials are encrypted at rest and in transit. If you're not ready to connect your database, we also support CSV uploads.

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Ease of Mind

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Campaign Monitoring

Monitor your campaign's progress in real-time. Get a preview of recently sent emails, monitor the send queue, and more.

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Template Builder

Our custom-built email template builder makes it easy to build beautiful emails in minutes. No HTML or CSS knowledge required.

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Optimal Send Rate will strategically send your emails at the optimal rate to maximize deliverability using Amazon SES or Resend.

Ready to send some emails?

Creating an account and playing around with is completely free. Give it a try and see if it's right for you.