English to SQL using AI

With the power of AI, you can turn a simple English prompt into a valid SQL query. This eliminates the need for you to manually craft SQL to target your audience. However, we still suggest you have some knowledge of SQL to validate the produced query. Remember, the SQL query generated by AI might not always be accurate.

To generate a suitable query, we initially fetch and simplify your database schema to provide the necessary context. Depending on the database user's access levels associated with your account, this could present a limited view of the database or might not function at all. Afterwards, we incorporate other important information such as the database type, required fields, and the prompt to yield a proposed SQL query.

English prompt being converted to SQL using AI

We utilize OpenAI's API for this feature. If you're uncomfortable with a simplified version of your database schema being shared with OpenAI, please refrain from using this feature. Your database schema will remain largely transient (only briefly cached for potential follow-up prompts) and will not be stored in our database.