Getting Started

Connect your database

What makes exceptional is its capability to connect directly to your database, eliminating the need for writing code or interacting with an API. This brings numerous possibilities for targeting your audience, but setup, though sensitive, is a one-time affair.

We currently support PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases. We plan to add more database types soon. If you're using a different type and are interested in using, reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll update you on the development status.

Create a database user

First, we need to create a database user with read access to your database. Since your system type, database version, security controls, among other factors, influence the process, we've compiled some useful articles to help with setup. It's somewhat outside our scope to cover everything here.

Important: We strongly recommend ensuring that your user meets the following criteria:

  1. Read-only. The user does not need nor should have write access to the database.
  2. Only has access to relevant tables and columns. If it's not necessary for your email marketing goals, exclude it.
  3. Dedicated to Don't use an existing user – create a new one exclusively for to connect to.

Allow access to database

If your database is publicly accessible, you can skip this section. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your database can be accessed via the public Internet. The way to accomplish this depends on your current setup.
  2. Whitelist All requests from will originate from this IP address, so there's no need to expose your database to everyone, just this IP address.

Connect to your database

  1. Navigate to the Data page and click Connect database.
  2. In the modal, select the type of database you're connecting to.
    • You can also connect to your database using a URL by clicking on Use database URL.
  3. Enter the Host, Port, Username, Password, and Database.
  4. Click Test connection to verify that we can access your database with the provided credentials.
  5. Click Connect database to save the connection.

If you encounter issues during setup, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're more than happy to assist you.