Email templates

Embedding Images in Your Email Template

To embed images in an email template, start by visiting the Media page. Here, you can create folders and upload image files (JPEG or PNG). After uploading your files, select the dropdown button on the right side of a media row and click Copy link.

Dropdown on media row with the Copy link option in focus

Now, navigate back to the Template Editor. Here, you can embed the images into your MJML or HTML file (please note that plain text does not support media). For this example, we'll use MJML.

In your MJML body, add the following code:

<mj-image align="left" padding="0px" alt="Description" src="COPIED_LINK_GOES_HERE" width="200px"></mj-image>

Replace COPIED_LINK_GOES_HERE with the link you copied earlier. While there are several attributes available for the <mj-image /> tag, please note that src is the only one that is required.