How to Create an Audience

An audience represents a group of emails you aim to target. Each audience is defined by a SQL query that will be executed when you decide to send an email to that group.

To create an audience, select the Audience tab in the application and then click Create audience.


Assign a name to your audience (for example: Everyone), and then choose the database you want to target (refer to how to connect a database if you haven't done so yet).

If you're using SQL, click on the SQL tab and input your SQL there. The Preview button lets you see the number of rows and column names.

It's crucial to include an email column in your query. It doesn't need explicit labeling, but the results of your query will be scrutinized for the email column. offers a unique feature where you can input in plain English and get a SQL query in return. This works by collecting a basic representation of your database schema and utilizing OpenAI's GPT API to formulate a SQL query. If you'd prefer not to share your schema with OpenAI's API, you may opt to not use this feature.

Once your audience is set, you can use the corresponding query when you're ready to send an email. To verify everything is set up correctly, select your newly created audience and click the Preview button in the center – you should see actual data appearing in the table.