Email templates

Create an Email Template

In the template builder, you can start crafting a new email template using either MJML, HTML, or plain text. All these options support variables and unsubscribe links.

A plain text email is pretty self-explanatory. It's akin to a regular email that you might compose using a client like Outlook or Gmail. However, to add some flair and structure to your templates, you might find that plain text doesn't quite cut it.

To send more visually appealing emails, you'll need HTML. However, unlike with modern websites, the HTML structure expected by email clients has remained stagnant for decades. This makes creating an email template with HTML a challenging and time-consuming task. Thankfully, there's MJML.

MJML is an HTML-like language that allows you to create beautiful, responsive emails in mere minutes. There's a wealth of free templates available, and the documentation is exceptional.'s template editor showing a Welcome template being built using MJML

While a drag-and-drop template builder is in the pipeline, we highly recommend experimenting with MJML for maximum control over your template's aesthetics.

Note: While it's not mandatory to include an unsubscribe link in your email templates, it's strongly advised. If recipients don't want to be contacted by you and they don't have a way to unsubscribe, they may mark your email as spam. This can negatively impact your Amazon SES reputation.