Email templates

Email Template Variables

To include a variable in your email template, enclose the desired column name with double curly braces, like so: {{first_name}}. For your email campaign to dispatch successfully, the audience you select must query for a first_name column. When scheduling your email, we cycle through every row in the audience result, extract the necessary column values (e.g., email and first_name), and dispatch the email template with these variables replaced.

Variables function in all email template types (MJML, HTML, or plain text).

Unsubscribe Links

To incorporate an unsubscribe link, add [[unsubscribe]] in your email template. For instance: <a href="[[unsubscribe]]">Unsubscribe</a>. Note that the [[unsubscribe]] variable is replaced with the complete unsubscribe URL. It's usually best to include it in an <a> tag, as demonstrated above.